Not to be confused with the Dragonvale Eggs.

Uncommon Dragons in DragonVale include the Leap Year Dragon, Which only appears on Leap Year, which takes place every 4 Years. The Leap Year Dragon's last apperence was last of 2016.


Iceberg Dragon:

Steel Dragon:

QuickSilver Dragon:

There are Many UnCommon Dragons.


  • If you had three or more elements in the Elemental Pool, the dragons lost their uncommon property and gained the same percent chance of being bred as the other possible, common hybrid results. For example, using Air Dragon + Cactus Dragon gave the possible results of the Pollen Dragon, Ash Dragon, Willow Dragon, Cactus Dragon, Thunder Dragon, Sonic Dragon, and the Orchid Dragon
    • Uncommon dragons could not be bred when using a hybrid dragon if only two elements were in the Elemental Pool. This means you could not get a Pollen Dragon from Air Dragon + Willow Dragon, Air Dragon + Pollen Dragon, Plant Dragon + Willow Dragon, Plant Dragon + Pollen Dragon, or Willow Dragon + Pollen Dragon.
    • Uncommon dragons had a lower chance of being bred than their more common counterpart when using basic dragons.
    • Uncommon dragons are dragons that had a special set of rules to breed. Each of these dragons has a common counterpart that would have been bred more often while the uncommon property was present.